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Have you ever booked a trip online and wished there was a travel agent there to provide some assistance, answer questions or help you through the unexpected? Eighty - two percent of travel is being booked over the internet today. This represents a staggering number of travelers who are without the help of a travel agent. On-line Travel Services with no customer service options creates headaches and frustration. While so many consumers are choosing to go to the Web for the convenience it has to offer, this forces them to give up the customer support a travel agent is there to provide. Are there options that combine the best of both worlds?

Jessica Wrobel, owner of GET TRAVELING thinks so. She says, “Booking your own travel on-line gives you the convenience factor but has left out a critical component, solution oriented customer service!” To explain what she means by this, she tells a personal story of a traveler who tried to do it all alone.

“I sat in the pub yesterday with my uncle as he tells me about his nightmare holiday booking experience with a travel company he booked online through. At this rate my uncle and his family aren’t going to get anywhere near the beach. Here’s his problem. Ten days ago he booked the family holiday, for two adults and two children, to Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands. A few days later, he finds out his older daughter now wants to go on the holiday, so he calls the on-line company he booked with to add and pay for the additional person. A lady tells him to email the details and someone will contact him back within 48 hours to take payment details. He emails – and emails them again, and on Friday emails them again. No communication from the company, and a very frustrated travel consumer, who’s on-line booking experience is ruined by the poor customer service.”

GET TRAVELING combines the services of a travel agent with the World Wide Web so you have the freedom to choose how you would like to handle your travel plans without compromising the support provided to you that comes from working directly with a travel agent! If you are experiencing a problem and need help; help is there!

By realizing the limitations of a strictly web based travel agency GET TRAVELING offers a much needed solution for you! To learn more about our convenient services click the link below:

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