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A tour is a prearranged and prepaid, multi-day journey to one or more destinations. The diversification of the tour industry is astounding and often times you can save more money on your vacation by booking a tour package rather than individual travel components. Booking a tour package can require a lot of knowledgeable help to ensure you are getting the tour package you truly want.

There are tour operators at every price level:

  • Budget - Moderate - Premium moderate - Luxury - Superior Luxury

In addition to price level, there are many different types of tours:

(Youíll need to know which type of tour fits your travel style)
  • Escorted tours This is the type of tour for the person who thinks, ďWhen Iím on vacation, I donít want to worry about anything.Ē
  • Independent tours This is the type of tour for travelers who want to set their own itineraries, yet want the value for their dollar that powerful volume tour companies can provide. No group travel or tour manager is involved.
  • Hosted tours Hosted tours are similar to escorted tours, but the host only meets with the tour travelers when they need to see him or her (usually in the hotel lobby if travelers have questions or need help.
  • FITs An FIT is actually not a tour at all. Itís a custom vacation based on the clientís needs and put together entirely, component by component, by a travel agent or a tour operator.

Above are just two of many components that your travel agent will need to know in order to begin properly assisting you in planning the vacation thatís right for you.

We at GET TRAVELING are eager to guide and assist you through this process to help you create the vacation of your dreams! We provide a high-value experience through the planning process that continues all the way up to the moment you return home safe and sound.

Through working with us, we will:

  • help you find the best bargains
  • steer you in the right direction
  • prepare you with what youíll need for the tour experience from fun to safety
  • be there for you throughout your entire vacation experience to assist you further in the event you experience a problem

To contact us, request more information, or to start accessing our help, please click this link below to get started.

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